Talk at Wilfs

On Thursday 11th July I will be doing my second ‘Talk’ at Wilfs. The aim of these ‘Talks’ has been to tell my story as to why I am doing ‘Pedal to Peaks’ and why it is so important to me. I also hope to raise an understanding of cancer as I believe that there is a huge amount of awareness, yet it is still a bit of taboo and something that we veer away from actually talking about. I also want to instil a sense of hope and positivity. Even if I only inspire one person to get out there and plan a challenge, enjoy the outdoors, or pursue a passion then it is worth it.

In the autumn I will do a post challenge talk and have a slot at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival.

As a teacher, I have learnt that so many children are affected by cancer in some way, and they too want to talk about it. I have done an assembly at Ghyllside Primary, where I teach, and Windermere School, where my husband teaches, I will speak again after my challenge. Much as we want to protect our children they want to know about things and will only make up what they don’t know to ‘fill the gaps’.

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