Day 7 – Sun, smiles, and satisfaction

Day 7 – Thursday 25th July. Snowden Summitted (2 down, 1 to go). 

I’m having a proud mum moment – Tess (age 7) got to the top of Snowden. We all had a great, memory making day. Naturally, there were plenty of stops, random games, quizzes and story telling. Matt excels himself at such times making up stories starring guinea pigs (Tess has one!).

I biked to Pen y Pass to meet them, but sometimes I have ‘foresight failure’ as i didn’t really check the route before. It was pretty much 12 miles of uphill on tired legs at 7.30am. I had to play the ‘Araf’ game on my own – never the same! Next time you are in Wales, check the road marking and give it a go.

Writing this now, I feel quite relaxed and good easily slip into chilled family camping holiday mode, but with 100 miles back to the Fishwick’s sanctuary tomorrow, I can. Liverpool alone – will i make it out again at the other side? The challenge of this adventure is on!

P.S. Here’s a little video from the summit.

Snowden Summit

We are going up Scafell Pike on Monday (29th), leaving Wasdale campsite at 9am, aiming to be at the top by 12. It would be great to have folk join us or see you along the way. Right where’s my map and ‘post- its’??? …….

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