Day 8 – Back to the Fishwick’s Sanctuary.

Day 8 – Friday 26th July. – Llanwrst to Coppull.  Reverse(ish) of day 5. 100+ miles (but no gadgets today to confirm).

Again it has been a day of parts (but not many pictures)…..

Part 1 – Cross country through Wales to Connell’s Quay (where I met with Matt and Tess). The roads were winding, rolling, hedges high and views plentiful. At times I plummeted down steep one lane roads to forgotten Welsh villages, all under the watchful eye of a buzzard – or was it a dragon in disguise?

Part 2 – Connell’s Quay to Birkenhead ferry. The first part of this I followed Matt and Tess on the tandem; Tess with her dress billowing under a Wheelbase top.

Part 3- Birkenhead to a lead back to Coppull with Darren.The scary part! I was fully ready to swallow the tracker if anything really bad happened but I didn’t need to- I just rode pretty fast and gripped my handlebars tightly. Darren & Alison tracked me down and I had a great lead back to the sanctuary of the Fishwick’s.

Today gave me a bit of thinking time – I thought about all the people who are going through cancer treatment; finished it; or are coming to terms with the after affects. I thought about their families and their journey’s, for what I am doing is nothing compared to them – I have chosen this challenge and I am loving it. Some people are going headlong into a total unchosen, and often unknown challenge. That is where Cancercare are so amazing – they can provide support where the NHS can not, which is so important for those who are alone or don’t have support networks or who are struggling. Cancer Research UK will hopefully help to find ways to keep improving treatments, cures and screening.

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