Day 6 – Chorley to Llanrwst – A biggy.

Day 6 – Wednesday 24th July. Chorley, Lancashire to Llanrwst, Wales. 

Well the day began by waking up at 2am to a ferocious thunderstorm. Tess then joined us to hold hands on the ‘shelf’ bed in Paul and Lou’s campervan, whilst we slept, parked on Darren Fishwick’s driveway. Quite lovely but maybe not the best start to a 100 mile day. I can’t see Tour de France riders doing that!

Darren & Alison Fishwick's house.

Staying at the Fishwick’s was brilliant and reminded me what an amazing fell running community we are part of. This ‘journey’ is about so many people.

It has been another great day of riding with excellent support of Rachel Slattery (whose daughter I taught about 12 years ago!) and Richard. in between the fear of cycling through Liverpool, ferries, cities and standing with the Beatles we have enjoyed the simple things:


  • Cartwheels on the sand
  • Cartwheels on the grass
  • Playing the ‘Araf’ game
  • Doing funny roadie signs at roads hazards eg pot holes
  • A beer
  • Dinner with friends
  • A goodnight snuggle with a 7 year old
  • A team yoga session.

Once again there might be another blog post from today from one of the ‘crew’, so more to follow (perhaps in the morning).


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