Day 4 – Hand painted Signs, head winds and happy days

Day 4- Monday 22nd July. Dumfries to Glenridding 77 miles. 

Well another fantastic memory making day. The 77 miles almost seems secondary now compared to the rest of it, although it didn’t seem like that at the time as the head winds were fearsome. Even the birds were been thrown off course and battling with it.  It was great to bike with Hazel and Lou (Ambleside AC team mates and close buddies). and share this ‘chosen challenge’ with them.

A colleague, and good friend Lindsay,  was conveniently placed towards the end  of our route and we had the best stop ever. There was a hand painted sign adorning the gate to check we went no further. Tess and Lindsay’s girls had a great fun playing while we chilled, chatted and refuelled on a fine array of goodies.

The evening was spent swimming, doing gym routines into Ullswater (the small girls that is) and chatting. It was great to get to see Graham, Claire and Ash from Lakeland Trials, who tracked us down, as well as Lindsay and the girls again this evening.

Loving sharing this adventure with friends, their families and my family – especially Matt and Tess.

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