Day 3- Twists, a tandem and Tess

Day 3, Sunday 21st July. Lochranza to Beeswing, nr Dumfries. 100+ miles.

It has been a long but very memorable day of many parts. This morning seems a long time ago, especially as it felt as though I spent the night in a seal colony (the cacophony of sounds made by the other two ladies in the room).

It started with a speedy ride across Arran- maybe to do with the waiting ferry- we passed iconic holiday cottages and basking seals. Then across the waters to a maze of roads, bumpy rutted cycle ways and numerous map deliberations to meet up with Matt and Tess, and Paul, Lou and Ava, from Kong Adventures. Despite the roaring head winds and race of cars we kept pedalling to a warm welcome of hugs and tea. From this point we were able to ditch the panniers, my bike felt like a race horse especially behind the power team of Paul and Ava on the tandem. I couldn’t help smiling- this adventure  is becoming what I wanted it to be more and more. Tess was next on the tandem and it felt brilliant to be following her little spinning legs.

After the odd wrong turn and a deluge of rain we arrived a Beeswing (a school friends’ family cabin). Here we were greeted by a sodden Hazel (fellow AAC member and good friend). It was then time for a sad and grateful goodbye to Maria who has been amazing. Thank you to her husband and boys for parting with her and collecting her from Scotland. So now to plans for the next day.


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