Day 2- Frogs or toads and roller coaster roads.

Saturday 20th July – 73 miles biking  (Yesterday was 10 miles up & down Ben Nevis, and 50 miles biking)

As I had predicted, the fuelling of this adventure is the greatest challenge for me due to the surgery I had to treat my oesaphageal cancer.  Maria has been brilliant at reminding me to eat every 1.5 hours or so as I can only small amounts at a time and therefore can not replenish or refuel myself with huge meals.  I can also suffer from food ‘sticking’ – last night I had a gluey, sticky porridge incident, which left me a bit sore and apprehensive today. . This is nothing compared to what many folk face as it does not stop me from doing anything but it is a harsh reminder that I have a ‘new body’ with different needs.

To the biking – its has been a great day of riding with enough sun to keep us smiling and the Scottish midge at bay. Initially our route took us along a relentless ‘rollercoaster’ road through mass woodland and fields. I think we saw about 27 dead toads (or were they frogs?), 1 dead shrew and one live red squirrel.

Apart from when we have grown tired of it’s winding ways and poor surface we have followed the Caledonian Way (route 78) for much of today and yesterday. After a short ferry ride from Cloanaig we are now on Arran, where i have great memories of family holidays with Matt and Tess. Through the past few days there have been some great flashbacks to previous Scottish adventures and it feels great to be creating new ones again. I wish I could breathe in some good Scottish air for those unable to get outside or stuck in hospital.

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