Day 10 – People, Places, Passes.

Day 10 – Sunday 28th July. Ambleside to Wasdale.

Despite a rather groggy start to the day of palpitations and cramps due to a spoonful too much of cereal (my body’s way of letting me know its tired), it has been another AMAZING day.

Jo Waites (a fell running rival from my faster days) joined me for the ride. We set off anticipating a soaking but someone was smiling at us and we stayed dry. Ben joined us for the start; but I think Jo and I scared him off, or maybe it was Hardknott Pass. I haven’t ridden over the passes for quite a while but with a bit of ‘heave hoing’ we made it.

I love riding in Cumbria, especially when it is quiet and you get glimpses through the dragon’s breath like clouds. At Wasdale we met Matt and Tess, and Tess hopped on her bike to pedal along the shores of Wasdale. Reaching a bridge, a child waved us down – Livi Towe and family (close family friends) – for hugs and greetings. Another reminder of how lucky we are to make this challenge, and my journey this last few years, possible with smiles and happy memories.

We arrived at our campsite in time for a walk, play, and to prepare for tomorrow – SCAFELL PIKE. Bring it on….

Click below forĀ  little snippet from Tess.

Tess talking about the challenge

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