An honour and a privilege! – Post from a supporter.

An honour and a privilege – by Darren Fishwick, provider of a haven in Coppull, Chorley. 
‘Traditionally I’ll browse the Fell Runners Facebook page a couple of times a day. I wouldn’t say I’m a ‘nosey parker’ – I’m just inquisitively drawn towards the comings and goings within the sport I dearly embrace. Occasionally a ‘post’ really grabs my attention, one such ‘post’ being: Pedal to the Peaks.
Jane Reedy is a runner with whom I’d exchange a courteous wave of acknowledgement as it’s considered rude to acknowledge a lady be means of a nod – so my late grandad once told me. Like many runners within the Fell community, Jane was someone I knew slightly – an acquaintance. Unfortunately, in time I’d heard on the grapevine that Jane was poorly. It wasn’t until recently – after reading about Jane’s Pedal to the Peaks challenge that the true extent of her brave battles with various life changing encounters came to light. My wife Alison and I were blown away by this incredible lady’s story.
I’m certainly no cyclist: yeah I have a push-bike, I bought it via a cycle to work scheme at a reasonably discounted price. That was over five years ago and I’ve still never arrived at work pedal driven – all told I’ve been on my bike maybe half a dozen times since it was purchased. The stats don’t lie, I’m evidently not much of a cyclist – but I do live on route of Jane’s challenge.
Various texts were exchanged – the outcome of which had us playing host on two separate occasions to Jane, Matt and Tess…aka The Reedy’s.
It’s been an honour and a privilege for us to be a small cog in Pedal to the Peaks. I no longer class Jane as an acquaintance, I’m proud to now call Jane Reedy a friend…along with Matt and Tess.
The Reedy’s – truly wonderful.
All the best Darren and Alison Fishwick
Ps – Nellie’s been looking for Tess.’
Darren & Alison Fishwick's house.

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