White Rose Classic Bike Sportive

On 23rd June I took part in the White Rose Classic bike sportive organised by Ilkley Cycle Club. Initially, I had entered the 121 mile event but as the weeks ticked by I realised that I was not going to be able to manage that beast so I changed to the 86 mile ride. My risk reducing double mastectomy was on 16th February and I am still sore from it (albeit not all the time or even very much now, but it has taken quite a while). Surgery is never to be underestimated and much as our bodies have the power to heal, this is not always at the speed we wish, especially for those of us wishing to be active, rebuild our bodies and get out there enjoying life. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we want everything instantly!

My loyal friend Jo Waites, an ex fell running super star (who has had her share of injuries through the years) accompanied me. As ever (due to my oesphagectomy in 2016), fuelling myself was to be my greatest concern as I can only eat very small amounts at a time and have to be very mindful as to what they are. Despite setting off feeling quite sick, I managed to keep the old energy levels up. This is reassuring but I am not sure how I will manage it over the long, multiple days of biking that I need to do for Pedal to the Peaks. Time, and the circumference of my legs, will tell!

It was a brilliant day out and Yorkshire was looking at it’s best (I am originally from this beautiful county and my dad is a true patriot). Jo stuck with me all the way, despite having the biking ability to have been home and in the bath by the time I had finished!

Along with a handful of long and generally, sunny days out around Cumbria has made up the bulk of my biking training. Due to being a busy, working mum I have not been able to do lots of long rides on the bike. In addition, I have only felt strong and pain free enough in the last month or so to tackle long rides.